C.1850’s English Sheffield US Export Gambler’s Knife



An original C.1850's English Sheffield US Export Gambler's Knife.  This knife is of a type that was made in Sheffield, England and exported to the USA during the 1850's and used by Americans and immigrants heading westwards during the time of the Gold Rush. It was also a popular weapon carried by Mississippi gamblers and was handy as a hidden weapon of protection, known as his "fifth ace".

American Civil War

Some were made in the USA but a large quantity were manufactured in Sheffield and shipped over to America and were carried right through to the American Civil War and beyond and were a regular sidearm for Confederate soldiers.  This knife was made by Septimus Machin of Sheffield and has decorated white metal hilt mounts and polished wooden grip - there is a white metal insert in the middle of the grip - could be later addition or repair.  The blade is plain and double-edged.  For a very similar example please see Civil War Knives by Marc Newman, page 6.  In good overall condition - has been used and so with commensurate age wear.

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