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British Military Swords 1786-1912 Price Guide – Fully Updated Hardback


British Military Swords 1786-1912 Price Guide – Fully Updated. Full colour price guide for collectors of British military swords.

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British Military Swords


An Illustrated Price Guide

for Collectors


Harvey J S Withers



Over 1500  full colour photographs of Regulation British Military Swords from 1786-1912

If you collect British military swords you will definitely want this book as it contains over 1500 unpublished full colour photographs and illustrations with highly detailed photographs of all the British regulation sword patterns from 1786 - 1912.  All the known British regulation sword patterns are covered, including concise histories of each pattern - at the end of the book you can also find out what their current value is in the sword collecting market.

This lavishly illustrated book includes:

Fully Updated Price Guide

Infantry Swords

Cavalry Swords

Scottish Swords

General Officers' Swords

Naval Swords

Departmental Swords

British Sword Maker/Retailer Index

Close-up shots of Blade & Hilt

Sword Markings

Wilkinson Sword Serial Number Index

Sword Knots


Short history of the Wilkinson Sword Company

The book also contains a short history of the Wilkinson Sword Company, including a detailed examination of how a Wilkinson Sword was manufactured.

Wilkinson Sword serial number date index

The Wilkinson Sword serial number date index from 1854 has also been reproduced to enable collectors to accurately date their Wilkinson swords.

In addition, there are illustrated excerpts from the 1796 Sword Exercise for Cavalry by Napoleonic British cavalry officer, Gaspard Le Marchant, as well as comprehensive sections on collecting antique swords today, the care and preservation of antique swords and a comprehensive bibliography.

Fully Updated Price Guide

The prices in the book have been fully updated - here you can find the market value for your British military sword - essential for insurance, valuation and collecting purposes.

Book length is 176 pages

The Foreword is written by the renowned edged weapons author, Frederick Wilkinson.

Here are some sample pages from the book: